3 Top Rowing Machine Workouts

Rowing is a great exercise to perform if you are looking at losing some fat and also to maintain your fitness. It is a common misconception that rowing works the upper body, but the fact is that it is all about the strength and workout of the legs. The hips and legs play an important part and act as the power sources during a rowing exercise.

Rowing starts with the legs, then the back muscles and core come into play and then comes the work of the arms. It is an excellent exercise for the entire body, and you will see great results in just a short span of time. The rowing machine can be bought, and you can easily keep it at home too if you do not want to take the extra effort of visiting the gym on a regular basis.

Rowing Machine

The cardiovascular conditioning of your body and the muscles is increased when you work out on a rowing machine. It is a great piece of equipment for burning fat of the body and also for overall conditioning. A rowing machine will help you strengthen all the muscles of your body from head to toe and you can get a complete body workout that will leave you feeling super.

You must perform some warming up before you start working out on a rowing machine. Anything like a few sit-ups or push-ups will break a sweat and help you be fit for the rower.

Here are the three best rowing machine workouts for you

Number 1

What you have to do in this workout is to hold the handle and ensure that your wrists are kept straight. Then you extend the arms, and the shoulders should be relaxed. You have to make sure that you do not hunch. Then bend your knees till they come over the toes and come forward with the aid of your hips. This workout is ideal for you if you have less time on your hands. It is high-intensity and will give you great strength in just a mere 20 minutes. You can burn as much as 200-300 calories in a short span of time.

Number 2

In this workout, you have to extend your legs and take a push with your feet and slightly lean the back. Get your elbows to the side till you hands are close to your ribs. The next stroke will start when you bend your knees and slide the seat of your rower ahead. This workout will help you to improve the endurance of your body and also the consistency with which you row. You will do interval rowing in the workout and row for a bit and then rest. You will be able to burn close to 400to 500 calories in this workout.

Number 3

The third exercise that can be performed on a rowing machine is one that is anaerobic. The muscles of your body are exerted enough, and this session will accentuate the endurance and power output of your body.  This happens because all the strength of your legs will be required to perform this workout. You will be on the rower for a whopping 40 minutes but the exercise performed will be extensive, and you will end up burning a whopping 700 calories in one go!

These three are the best workouts that can be performed by a rowing machine, but there are some other exercises also that can be done on a rower and I thought of mentioning them as well for your convenience and also better knowledge. You must try these exercises and alternate them for achieving the best results.

Some other workouts on the rowing machine for you

Start with holding the handle of the rowing machine and then put your arms in front of yourself. Go forward after that and bend your knees till the time they reach over your ankles. Then push your feet and extend your legs and then lean back. After that put your elbows straight and back till your hands are close to the ribs. Then extend your arms and bend your knees so that the seat slides forward. Your arms are extended, and this is when the next stroke starts.
Therefore, as you can very well see, the rowing machine workouts are great for upper body as well as lower body conditioning and give great results in very less time. The key lies in being regular and also performing to the best of your ability. Now you simply have no reason to wait. Go on and get the workout that you wish and tone up your body.

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