May 31, 2023

I discovered a product at the end of 2014 that helped me a lot with my “not so clear” skin. I was blown away (seriously) by the results so I started researching the ingredients in that lotion. Now let me tell how my skin changed, the blemishes that I had disappeared and those dark spots that remain after acne were fading. My skin was less irritated and more bright. The ingredient in that lotion that was responsible for my improved skin is Niacinamide. Have you ever heard of it? me neither

I found a lot of studies on niacinamide and its benefits for skin. Based on those clinical studies I want to list what can you expect when using a niacinamide rich cream:

  • reduces hyperpigmented spots
  • boosts the skin’s elasticity
  • stimulates microcirculation
  • reduces redness and irritation
  • effective in the treatment of acne
  • prevents water loss and keeps the skin hydrated
  • reduces wrinkles and fine lines
  • Niacinamide was shown to improve skin barrier and moisture level this makes it great for rosacea patients
  • stimulates collagen secretion by 54%.

Isn’t this amazing you need just one product to transform your skin.
For my congested skin the cream with niacinamide that I use is the La Roche Posay New Effaclar DUO+
(review here) and I love it! If you have problematic skin, like mine, I’m sure this product will help. I also tried the Olay Even & Smooth Cream , the consistency is a lot more thicker, too much for my combination skin, but I use it as a night cream, one more thing that I don’t like about it is that it has some nasty ingredients that I try to avoid as much as possible (parabens, octocrylene) but it has some plant extracts which is nice. Also I added to my routine this Simple Soothing Toner.

I have on my WishList two niacinamide serums that I what to try ( hopefully this will happen soon.) I’ll keep you updated

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