May 31, 2023

There a lot of coconut oil brands out there and it can be quite exhausting to choose the right one. Not all coconut oils are the same so I hope the information that I’ve gathered will help you decide which one is the best. I think everyone should have and most importantly use coconut oil either in their diet or beauty routine. (both is much better)

There are two types of coconut oil:

Refined  it is a processed oil with no coconut taste or aroma, has a high smoke point which makes it great for cooking, only for cooking.

Unrefined oil has not been altered it has a very mild coconut flavour and scent, it may also be called virgin or extra-virgin but there is no difference, it is just a marketing term. Unrefined coconut oil is more superior to refined coconut oil.

There are two methods of extracting oil from dry or fresh coconut:

Expeller-pressed is a mechanical process that extracts oil from nuts the problem is that the temperature reached during this process can be too high and this can compromise the oil’s benefits. Coconut oil extracted in this way is not usually classified as virgin oil, it has less coconut taste than cold-pressed and a higher smoke point.

Cold-pressed method is when oil is made from fresh dried coconut flakes, without adding any more heat than is necessary so all the nutritional benefits are retained.

Stay away from bleached, refined and deodorized which have no health benefits.

I prefer to buy organic, virgin and cold-pressed because it is ideal for no heat or medium heat cooking and for skin care purposes. For cooking in higher heats use organic, virgin, expeller-pressed coconut oil.

My favourite is Nutiva Organic Virgin Coconut Oil.

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