How many eggs should a man eat?

Eggs are superbly nutritious and also very delicious. You can make eggs in many ways and have a balanced meal for yourself. There is much debate about how many eggs are suitable for a person in a day. So here we talk about the pros and cons of having eggs and how many of them a day will not cause any troubles.

But, it is also a fact that egg yolks have a high amount of cholesterol. People have a myth that if one takes a lot of cholesterol, then the levels go up in the blood and it may lead to diseases of the heart.

Facts about cholesterol

  • But one needs to understand what exactly is cholesterol and what it does in the body. It is a crucial component of the human body, and it helps in the formation of each and every membrane of the cell.
  • Cholesterol is also needed for the nerve fibers, and it helps them to conduct electricity, therefore ensuring smooth working and functioning of the brain.
  • Cholesterol is also an important constituent of hormones in the body like cortisol, testosterone, and estrogen. Therefore, cholesterol is a crucial component of the human body and one has to ensure to take sufficient quantity for the body to function well.
  • Cholesterol is also produced in the body by the liver and it so happens that when the diet contains more amount of it, then it automatically signals the body to produce less of it. If the percentage of cholesterol decreases due to less intake in the diet, then the liver is indicated to provide more of it.. in a case, the level of cholesterol in the blood remain more or less the same, and it gets balanced out.
  • Cortisol and aldosterone hormones are produced by the adrenal glands with the help of cholesterol only, and it also aids in producing testosterone and estrogen which are the sex hormones.
  • Cholesterol acts as an antioxidant as well.


Cholesterol is mainly of two types, LDL or the low-density lipids which are bad for the body and HDL or the high-density lipids which are good for the body. Therefore, both of them are called bad cholesterol and good cholesterol respectively.

It is also a fact that if you consume eggs that are rich in omega-3, the triglycerides in the blood are lowered.

LDL cause atherosclerosis which is the name given to calcium and fat deposits in the blood vessels of the body. Due to these deposits, the arteries get blocked, and this is the main reason for cardiac arrests and strokes too.

HDL, on the other hand, is good cholesterol and is needed by the body in moderate quantities and aids in removing the fat and calcium deposits on the blood vessels. This helps to give protection against strokes and heart attacks.

Many studies have also proved to show that levels of HDL go up when one consumes eggs. It is also believed that whole eggs are better than just egg whites and are more efficient when it comes to increasing the levels of HDL or good cholesterol.

How many eggs per day then?

According to all this account about eggs and cholesterol, it is safe to say that three whole eggs in a day are alright to be consumed. Also, the average yolks that you can drink per week should be between 2 and 6. More yolks than six will be higher in fat content.  A person having eggs on a daily basis is also bound to be healthier and have a fitter body.

Benefits of Eggs

  • Eggs are not only high in cholesterol but also antioxidants like zeaxanthin and lutein. These antioxidants lower your risk to eye diseases.
  • Eggs are high in choline which is a nutrient needed for smooth functioning of the brain.
  • It is also believed that consuming eggs gives you a feeling of satisfaction and therefore, reduces your appetite, in turn helping you to lose weight.
  • They help in building better bones and also lead to increased mass of the muscles.
  • Eggs are an excellent source of protein and also have minerals that are needed for healthy eyes and brain.

Therefore, all in all, eggs happen to be among the most beneficial and nutritious natural sources for humans. They are healthy, tasty, easy to prepare and offer a plethora of health benefits. So go on and increase your egg consumption and get fitter and healthier.

How to Put the Trampoline in the Ground?

It has become popular to put a trampoline in a garden of a house. Usually, it can be done by sinking it in the ground. Doing this has several advantages. First, goes like this it won’t spoil the look of the garden as it is less visible. With a sunken trampoline, safety enclosure can be ignored. It saves the budget. Second are lesser chances of injuries so that people don’t get themselves hurt. Third is, children can play on it without any elderly assistance. Lastly, you don’t need to move the trampoline thus preventing damage to the grass which lies under the grass.

So a sunken trampoline is suitable if you want to install a trampoline in the garden. It is simple, safer, less intrusive and a popular one.

Trampoline in the Ground

Building a Trampoline:

Below are the tips if you wish to set up a trampoline on the ground.

1. Size: You have to work out on the trampoline size. It depends on the space you have got in the garden where the ground is apt to be dug for the installation. The cost to dig the hole in the ground and to get rid of soil has to be remembered during the process. Usually, a larger trampoline is recommended, so it is suitable for both children and elders. Also keep in mind that a space of about 1 meter is required around the trampoline which acts as a safety zone.

2. Color and Shape: Almost all the garden trampolines are usually round. It is because round shape attracts the bouncer to the center and it is the considered as the safest way. A hexagonal shape and rectangular shape Trampolines might not be a pleasing shape of the trampoline to be put into the ground. Color has to be a different one so that it should be clearly visible to the people where the trampoline starts, and ground stops.

3. Wish to Purchase a Trampoline: Atlantic Trampolines is one company that offers a broad range of trampoline sizes. The company is known for its reliable and durable products. Galvanization of trampoline frames both inside and outside increases the protection from rust. It is important as the trampoline legs have to be in the water for a longer period. So you have to buy a trampoline keeping a thought that it is not ideal to replace trampolines frequently.

4. Marking the area of Trampoline: Mark the area where trampoline needs to be fitted. Do this step with at most accuracy such that the hole is good enough to place a trampoline. As circular trampoline is preferable, mark the circumference with some paint or flour. It is done to mark the edge of the hole.

5. Digging the right hole: Digging a hole can be made using hand or by a mechanical digger. Also, you can do it by yourself or employ a person who does these works. It may take couple days to complete digging the hole.

6. Soil: Soil which comes out during digging the hole can be kept aside for further use if it is of good quality.  If necessary, water the soil so that its quality remains unchanged.

7. Hole Depth: Depth of the hole has to be same as that of trampoline height. As we are using a sunken trampoline and it has to be at ground level, we dig the hole to a depth which equals to trampoline height. It is also advisable to place trampoline 4 inches above the ground level so that it allows air to escape during bouncing. Air vents are used so that limbs don’t get trapped during bouncing.

8. Drainage: The hole which lies underneath the trampoline has to drain well if in case children use a hose on the trampoline or if it rains. The idea of a sunken trampoline is not possible if water gets logged. It may lead to digging an extra trench inside the pit as it creates a soak away at the bottom of the pit.

9. Preventing edge collapse – Maintaining the integrity of walls of the hole is also an essential one. It depends on the soil you have used. The firm soil is ideal for this however if soil is sandy then a support system has to be employed to avoid dangerous consequences.

10. Air movement – As you bounce on the trampoline, air has to flow freely in and out of the hole. A suggestion here is to fix 4 inches flexible pipe at equal intervals around the trampoline rather than leaving a gap around the trampoline. It allows air to escape and enter the trampoline.

11. Create a donut – The versatile idea is to put a donut ring around the edges of the trampoline. It makes it more fun as the children enjoy so much as they can jump from the top on to the trampoline and run down through it quickly. It can be done by making a ring using soil.  You can fill gaps between hole and trampoline using the excavated soil.

Conclusion: Trampoline gives happiness both for children and elders. One can easily end up putting a trampoline on the ground by following these simple steps.

3 Top Rowing Machine Workouts

Rowing is a great exercise to perform if you are looking at losing some fat and also to maintain your fitness. It is a common misconception that rowing works the upper body, but the fact is that it is all about the strength and workout of the legs. The hips and legs play an important part and act as the power sources during a rowing exercise.

Rowing starts with the legs, then the back muscles and core come into play and then comes the work of the arms. It is an excellent exercise for the entire body, and you will see great results in just a short span of time. The rowing machine can be bought, and you can easily keep it at home too if you do not want to take the extra effort of visiting the gym on a regular basis.

Rowing Machine

The cardiovascular conditioning of your body and the muscles is increased when you work out on a rowing machine. It is a great piece of equipment for burning fat of the body and also for overall conditioning. A rowing machine will help you strengthen all the muscles of your body from head to toe and you can get a complete body workout that will leave you feeling super.

You must perform some warming up before you start working out on a rowing machine. Anything like a few sit-ups or push-ups will break a sweat and help you be fit for the rower.

Here are the three best rowing machine workouts for you

Number 1

What you have to do in this workout is to hold the handle and ensure that your wrists are kept straight. Then you extend the arms, and the shoulders should be relaxed. You have to make sure that you do not hunch. Then bend your knees till they come over the toes and come forward with the aid of your hips. This workout is ideal for you if you have less time on your hands. It is high-intensity and will give you great strength in just a mere 20 minutes. You can burn as much as 200-300 calories in a short span of time.

Number 2

In this workout, you have to extend your legs and take a push with your feet and slightly lean the back. Get your elbows to the side till you hands are close to your ribs. The next stroke will start when you bend your knees and slide the seat of your rower ahead. This workout will help you to improve the endurance of your body and also the consistency with which you row. You will do interval rowing in the workout and row for a bit and then rest. You will be able to burn close to 400to 500 calories in this workout.

Number 3

The third exercise that can be performed on a rowing machine is one that is anaerobic. The muscles of your body are exerted enough, and this session will accentuate the endurance and power output of your body.  This happens because all the strength of your legs will be required to perform this workout. You will be on the rower for a whopping 40 minutes but the exercise performed will be extensive, and you will end up burning a whopping 700 calories in one go!

These three are the best workouts that can be performed by a rowing machine, but there are some other exercises also that can be done on a rower and I thought of mentioning them as well for your convenience and also better knowledge. You must try these exercises and alternate them for achieving the best results.

Some other workouts on the rowing machine for you

Start with holding the handle of the rowing machine and then put your arms in front of yourself. Go forward after that and bend your knees till the time they reach over your ankles. Then push your feet and extend your legs and then lean back. After that put your elbows straight and back till your hands are close to the ribs. Then extend your arms and bend your knees so that the seat slides forward. Your arms are extended, and this is when the next stroke starts.
Therefore, as you can very well see, the rowing machine workouts are great for upper body as well as lower body conditioning and give great results in very less time. The key lies in being regular and also performing to the best of your ability. Now you simply have no reason to wait. Go on and get the workout that you wish and tone up your body.

Styling Techniques with a Flat Iron

With the assistant of a flat iron, you can easily get straight hair at home. Ceramic flat irons are considered to be the best as they do the minimum damage to the hair. If proper technique is used to flatten the hair, you can do wonders and get the desired look at home. After straightening, your hair can be kept straighten all day long only if you effectively use the flat iron.

Styling Techniques with a Flat Iron

Read carefully how to use it properly from start to finish:

Preparing your hair for heat

For this, you must use the shampoo and conditioners that are specially made for sleek or straight hair. Just look for those hair products that claim to be for straightening or provide moisture to your hair.

After the shower, pat your hair dry. With the help of your towel try to remove the water from your hair locks by mildly squeezing your hair in parts rather than ruffling it harshly with the towel. With this the excess frizz forms your hair is removed.

Styling Techniques with a Flat Iron

While the hair is wet, apply serum for thermal protection. Make sure that the serum is applied on wet hair as it makes the serum spread evenly on the hair. After, you have applied the serum; please comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb. Thanks to Flat Iron Pro for this tip.

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After this blow dry the hair so that they are dry after straightening. On dry hair, the result of the flat iron is better. Also, the chances of your hair getting shocked by heat to get minimal.

Learning the Technique

  1. Once you switch on the iron, you will see the heat setting near the “on” switch. Adjust the heat setting to your desired level of heat. If you hair is frizzier and thicker, then the heat setting should be more than compared to brittle and thin hair for which minimum level of heat setting is required.
  2. The next step is to divide your hair into many sections. Depending on the heaviness of the hair, some sections shall vary. To make the hair smoothly pass them through the straightener, each section must be 1 to 2 inches thick.
  3. It is better if you clip or pin the other sections you are not straightening as you straighten one section at a time.
  4. One of the easiest ways to do this is by pinning up the sections you are not using your shoulders or at the top of your head. Once you are done with one section, pull out one more from the lot and start straightening it in front of the shoulder.
  5. The most appropriate position of keeping the straightener is closer to the roots but beware of burning yourself. Thus, the flat iron rod must be around an inch distance from the scalp for optimum results.

Styling Techniques with a Flat Iron

  1. After all the setting, now move the iron downwards to touch the heated sides and the section of hair must be between them. Be cautious with clamping as it must not be too firm otherwise a ridge can be formed in that section of hair which I am sure you don’t want.
  2. Now starting from the root of the hair up till the ends, move the rod steadily and fluidly. Make sure, you do not hold your straightener to long at one place. This can damage your hair and give your results you are waiting.
  3. Run the rod over the section various times until it is completely straight. Depending on the heaviness of your hair, you may only have to do this once, or you may have to move the straightener through a section of hair several times. This largely depends on the factors listed below:

Hairdresser Arzu uses a hair straightener as she dresses a client's hair on August 8, 2012 at the Dry Bar in Berlin. The shop offers to make different blow-dried hairstyles, according to a new trend coming from the US. AFP PHOTO / BRITTA PEDERSEN GERMANY OUT (Photo credit should read BRITTA PEDERSEN/AFP/GettyImages)

Every flat iron has a strength or power associated with it. Thus, it is a very crucial factor that determines the number of times; you would have to run the iron over your hair to straighten it

If you have set the heat setting to a lower level, you would have to run the iron number of times.

  1. After one section of the hair is done, move it back nicely and take out another section. It is better that you move from 1 direction to the other rather than taking out the sections randomly.

These were the steps to straighten your hair at home with the help of a flat iron. Obey the instructions mentioned in the article and you will become a pro after few days of practice. Get away with the hassles of going to a parlor every time you wish to flaunt the straight hair look.

Different Types Of Perfumes And Fragrances

According to the concentration levels of the fragrances, there are so many different types of perfumes that are available in the market. Not only Perfumes, But there are also countless scents that are available nowadays. The perfumes have higher fragrance concentration and contain more perfume oils and less alcohol. Due to the availability of different types of perfumes and fragrances, it is easy for any man or woman to buy them easily and enjoy their wonderful fragrances.

Perfumes And Fragrances

Types of Perfumes

  1. Parfum – This perfume is also known as pure perfume. It contains the highest concentration of fragrance. The fragrance concentration level lies from 20% to 30% in these perfumes. The Parfum has less amount of alcohol present in it. These perfumes emit scents that usually last up to 8 hours. These are expensive perfumes because of the presence of highest fragrance concentration. This perfume is a good perfume for sensitive skin people.
  2. Eau De Parfum – The Eau de parfum is one of the most common perfume types and can be worn in any occasion. These perfumes have fragrance concentration of between 15% and 20%. Generally, this perfume lasts for four to five hours. This perfume is cheaper than parfum and contains the high concentration of alcohol than parfum. This perfume is also a better perfume for sensitive skin.
  3. Eau De Toilette – This perfume contains less amount of fragrance concentration than Eau de Parfum i.e. between 5% and 15%. This perfume is one of the most demanding perfumes available in the market. This perfume is mostly preferred for night wear and last for two to three hours. This perfume has low cost and so can be worn by everyone.
  4. Eau de Cologne – This perfume is available in big bottles and has 2% to 4% concentration of fragrance. This perfume has the higher a concentration of alcohol as compared to Eau de toilette. The scent of this perfume lasts for up to 4 hours. This perfume is cheaper than other types of perfume and is one of the best-selling perfumes.
  5. Eau Fraiche –. The Eau Fraiche perfume has the lowest concentration of fragrance i.e. only 1% to 3%. This perfume contains high quantity of alcohol and some water. The scent of this perfume is similar to that of Eau de Cologne. This perfume produces a fragrance that lasts for up to 1 hour only. This perfume is not a very popular perfume because of low concentration of fragrance.

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Types Of Fragrances


  1. Floral– This is the most popular fragrance that is manufactured from many flowers such as jasmine, roses, oranges, gardenias, etc. This amazing fragrance results in making perfumes as top selling perfumes in the market.
  2. Oriental – This fragrance is made with the mixture of spices, balsams, resins and amber. The scent provides a warm and sensuality feeling to a woman. Also, the musky traits help in making this scent a wonderful scent.
  3. Citrus – This impressive scent is derived from citrus fruits such as lemon, tangerine and mandarin. The mixture formed results in a strong and tangy aroma. Citrus is a good choice for women who don’t want to wear high powering fragrance.
  4. Green – The sharp grassy notes of juniper, pine and herbs result in creating this green fragrance. This fragrance is largely used in making of various perfumes. This wonderful fragrance can be worn in all different occasions.
  5. Fougere – The combination of mossy ferns and fresh herbs results in this fragrance type. The fragrance mostly suits men for seeking the attention of any woman. The scent is the best selling scent available in the market.
  6. Chypre – This is a scent similar to the impression of the island of Cyprus. It is derived from oak moss, bergamot and patchouli. This beautiful scent produces a glamorous and sensual feeling resulting in youthful and energetic spirit.
  7. Wood – The woody fragrances are made up from different kind of sandalwoods and cedar woods. The musk and solids in this fragrance provide a sexy and sensual feeling to a woman. This scent is also used in making very good perfumes


In summary, there are several types of perfumes and fragrances that have been manufactured nowadays. The different concentration of various materials, designs and the scents helps in making one perfume different from other. Also, there are endless materials that lead to discovering more and more types of fragrances every day.

Top Steamers for hardwood floor

Want to know the tricks of cleaning hard floor by steam mops? Just pursue these steps mentioned below for shiny floors that are not only free from dirt but also from allergens and molds.

Many a times, one gets confused between the models of steam mops and get the ones that are not suitable for your floors. There are mops for each type of floors and the ones which are suitable for all are very expensive.

Let me give you a small guide to select the appropriate steam mop for hardwood floors

Steamers for hardwood floor

Steps for cleaning hardwood floors-

  • To steam clean the floors, it’s not very difficult. The foremost step is to protect the floor from any kind of scratch or discoloration.
  • Just remove the dirt from the floor that can scratch it.
  • If planning to use a steam mop with any kind of cleaning solution, make sure that it is a natural pH.
  • Choose the floors that are hardwood sealed. If the floor is having spots that are worn, don’t use the mop on it because moisture can affect the floor.

Some suggested procedure for cleaning-

When the floor is free from dirt and dust, go for these steps for wonderful cleaning.

  • In a steamer, add the solution or hot water if required.
  • Prior to cleaning process, make sure that the filter is clean.
  • Canister should be placed in proper position and let water to be steamed.
  • After releasing the steam, push the cleaner in the forward position.
  • Now pull it in the backward direction permitting the mop pads to clean the dirt away.
  • The cleaner should be moved from one corner to the other corner of the room.
  • Process has to be continued till the cleaning part is completed.

Remember while purchasing the steamer that it has to be recommended for hardwood sealed floor. Some steamers that are capable are listed below-

  1. White wing steamer

White wing steamer

This steamer especially designed for home. Person’s who is suffering from asthma, prone to allergies and is prone to get effected in environmental conditions like fumes and chemicals should go for this type of steamer. It works on the system of dry vapor also it works without any kind of chemicals. It is perfect in killing viruses, molds, mildews and bacteria.

  1. Bissell steam mop deluxe

Bissell steam mop deluxe-

It is very light weighted mop and convenient to use. It has a long power cord that helps in reaching to the entire floor. Its handle is designed as the concept of reducing mopping stress. It comes along with two cleaning pads and with the plastic filter which gives you the hint that now it’s time to change the pad.

  1. Sergeant steam

Sergeant steam-

This steam mop is ideal for hardwood floor cleaning. Its weight is around 15 pounds. The mop only requires tap water to clean the floor. So,we can say that this product is not only time saver but money saver also.

Always choose the right steamer-

Before buying, just test it first, whether it is comfortable for you or not. Hold it in your hands assuming that you are ready for cleaning. If not feeling stressed while holding the steamer, only then go for it. Always select a steamer that is comfortable to hold and push.


Just go through these questions in your mind before shopping for a mop-

Is it made well?

How hard it is to handle after or before filling the water?

Does it come along with the reusable filter?

What views others have about this product? For customer reviews, you can check Amazon reviews.

If cleaning is done on weekly basis then hardwood floor looks better. But yes, for deeper cleaning heavy duty steaming is required once in week for the floors. So enjoy your mopping!

Hope this article was helpful to you in the selection of the right mop for hardwood floors. For any kinds of queries, contact me in the comments section.

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Should I Replace My Carpet?

It is definitely true that buying a carpet for your home means having a new look to your place and spending a big amount to get the excellent deal. But, the significant question arises as to when one should consider replacing the old carpet and go on for buying the new one. The most appropriate answer to this question is that when there are certain signs on the carpets like matting, tears, rips and stains which can’t go even after the repeated procedures. Moreover, when your carpet has given its services for 5 to 15 years, depending upon its quality and the material, then it’s time to replace your carpet.


Should I Replace My Carpet?

In the contemporary era where the modern and classic refurnishing options are available to the users worldwide, the carpets being the one of the most significant aspect of home décor, add to the classic touch of your home. If there is wear and tear of your carpets, then you should consider its replacement. So, let’s take a look at certain aspects of wear and tear of carpets which provide the solution to the question of Should I Replace My Carpet?

  1. Carpet Infested with Smell with Mold and Water

Carpet Infested with Smell with Mold and Water

There may be a case when your carpet is used in the area where it gets flooded with water and gives off the stinky smell of water and get infested with mold. In such case it is predominantly important to remove or replace the carpet and substitute it for a new one for your home. The reason being that once your carpet gets affected by mold, then there is no other option left for cleaning it and using it again and you need to get a new one for your place.

  1. Regular Wear and Tear of Your Carpet

Tear of Your Carpet

When you are using your carpet for a fairly long time, then getting normal wear and tear is quite common. But when you make use of furniture or rearrange the décor of your room just to cover the rips, wear and tear and your kids are no longer ready to sit over it while playing, then it gets time to change your carpet. As there are a variety of carpets available in the market, so some of them get easily damaged like that made of polyester fiber, which usually doesn’t last long and needs to change after the period of 3 years.

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  1. Pesky Stains

Pesky Stains

If your carpet is being used in high traffic area where it is prone to spills and stains, then you need to think about replacing it when, after repeated efforts the stains become strong and it’s fairly impossible to get rid of them. There is the availability of stain and spill proof carpets, but there are also certain carpets like that made of PTT fibers that can’t be treated by using the stain removing agents as the oil and other stains get deeper into the carpet, which can’t be treated easily. In such a case, the only option left is to replace the carpet.

  1. Allergic Elements in the Carpet

Allergic Elements in the Carpet

If your carpet contains allergic elements as it’s quite old and can’t be cleaned properly, then certainly it’s the time to replace it. Once your carpet gets old then it becomes the source of attracting dust, dirt and pollens and if you don’t clean it on regular intervals, then it becomes the breeding ground of bacteria, so it needs to be changed.

  1. Refurnishing Your home

refurnishing Your home

If you are going to refurnish your home with modern artifacts and home décor stuff and still using the old carpet, then it does not go with your décor. In such a case, it becomes imperative to replace the old carpet with the new one as the carpets play a significant role in giving a complete touch to the décor of your place. So, if you are not going to change the old carpet, then your entire refurnishing will not get the required impression. So, whether you are refurnishing your home for yourself or for selling, in both the conditions you need to replace the old carpet.

Hence, the above mentioned points must have thrown appropriate light on the question of Should I Replace My Old Carpet? As the carpets prove to be the integral part of home décor, so you should consider replacing your carpets if they have suffered wear and tear and other prove to be the source of allergy and mold to keep your family safe and healthy.