How many eggs should a man eat?

Eggs are superbly nutritious and also very delicious. You can make eggs in many ways and have a balanced meal for yourself. There is much debate about how many eggs are suitable for a person in a day. So here we talk about the pros and cons of having eggs and how many of them a day will not cause any troubles.

But, it is also a fact that egg yolks have a high amount of cholesterol. People have a myth that if one takes a lot of cholesterol, then the levels go up in the blood and it may lead to diseases of the heart.

Facts about cholesterol

  • But one needs to understand what exactly is cholesterol and what it does in the body. It is a crucial component of the human body, and it helps in the formation of each and every membrane of the cell.
  • Cholesterol is also needed for the nerve fibers, and it helps them to conduct electricity, therefore ensuring smooth working and functioning of the brain.
  • Cholesterol is also an important constituent of hormones in the body like cortisol, testosterone, and estrogen. Therefore, cholesterol is a crucial component of the human body and one has to ensure to take sufficient quantity for the body to function well.
  • Cholesterol is also produced in the body by the liver and it so happens that when the diet contains more amount of it, then it automatically signals the body to produce less of it. If the percentage of cholesterol decreases due to less intake in the diet, then the liver is indicated to provide more of it.. in a case, the level of cholesterol in the blood remain more or less the same, and it gets balanced out.
  • Cortisol and aldosterone hormones are produced by the adrenal glands with the help of cholesterol only, and it also aids in producing testosterone and estrogen which are the sex hormones.
  • Cholesterol acts as an antioxidant as well.


Cholesterol is mainly of two types, LDL or the low-density lipids which are bad for the body and HDL or the high-density lipids which are good for the body. Therefore, both of them are called bad cholesterol and good cholesterol respectively.

It is also a fact that if you consume eggs that are rich in omega-3, the triglycerides in the blood are lowered.

LDL cause atherosclerosis which is the name given to calcium and fat deposits in the blood vessels of the body. Due to these deposits, the arteries get blocked, and this is the main reason for cardiac arrests and strokes too.

HDL, on the other hand, is good cholesterol and is needed by the body in moderate quantities and aids in removing the fat and calcium deposits on the blood vessels. This helps to give protection against strokes and heart attacks.

Many studies have also proved to show that levels of HDL go up when one consumes eggs. It is also believed that whole eggs are better than just egg whites and are more efficient when it comes to increasing the levels of HDL or good cholesterol.

How many eggs per day then?

According to all this account about eggs and cholesterol, it is safe to say that three whole eggs in a day are alright to be consumed. Also, the average yolks that you can drink per week should be between 2 and 6. More yolks than six will be higher in fat content.  A person having eggs on a daily basis is also bound to be healthier and have a fitter body.

Benefits of Eggs

  • Eggs are not only high in cholesterol but also antioxidants like zeaxanthin and lutein. These antioxidants lower your risk to eye diseases.
  • Eggs are high in choline which is a nutrient needed for smooth functioning of the brain.
  • It is also believed that consuming eggs gives you a feeling of satisfaction and therefore, reduces your appetite, in turn helping you to lose weight.
  • They help in building better bones and also lead to increased mass of the muscles.
  • Eggs are an excellent source of protein and also have minerals that are needed for healthy eyes and brain.

Therefore, all in all, eggs happen to be among the most beneficial and nutritious natural sources for humans. They are healthy, tasty, easy to prepare and offer a plethora of health benefits. So go on and increase your egg consumption and get fitter and healthier.

How to Put the Trampoline in the Ground?

It has become popular to put a trampoline in a garden of a house. Usually, it can be done by sinking it in the ground. Doing this has several advantages. First, goes like this it won’t spoil the look of the garden as it is less visible. With a sunken trampoline, safety enclosure can be ignored. It saves the budget. Second are lesser chances of injuries so that people don’t get themselves hurt. Third is, children can play on it without any elderly assistance. Lastly, you don’t need to move the trampoline thus preventing damage to the grass which lies under the grass.

So a sunken trampoline is suitable if you want to install a trampoline in the garden. It is simple, safer, less intrusive and a popular one.

Trampoline in the Ground

Building a Trampoline:

Below are the tips if you wish to set up a trampoline on the ground.

1. Size: You have to work out on the trampoline size. It depends on the space you have got in the garden where the ground is apt to be dug for the installation. The cost to dig the hole in the ground and to get rid of soil has to be remembered during the process. Usually, a larger trampoline is recommended, so it is suitable for both children and elders. Also keep in mind that a space of about 1 meter is required around the trampoline which acts as a safety zone.

2. Color and Shape: Almost all the garden trampolines are usually round. It is because round shape attracts the bouncer to the center and it is the considered as the safest way. A hexagonal shape and rectangular shape Trampolines might not be a pleasing shape of the trampoline to be put into the ground. Color has to be a different one so that it should be clearly visible to the people where the trampoline starts, and ground stops.

3. Wish to Purchase a Trampoline: Atlantic Trampolines is one company that offers a broad range of trampoline sizes. The company is known for its reliable and durable products. Galvanization of trampoline frames both inside and outside increases the protection from rust. It is important as the trampoline legs have to be in the water for a longer period. So you have to buy a trampoline keeping a thought that it is not ideal to replace trampolines frequently.

4. Marking the area of Trampoline: Mark the area where trampoline needs to be fitted. Do this step with at most accuracy such that the hole is good enough to place a trampoline. As circular trampoline is preferable, mark the circumference with some paint or flour. It is done to mark the edge of the hole.

5. Digging the right hole: Digging a hole can be made using hand or by a mechanical digger. Also, you can do it by yourself or employ a person who does these works. It may take couple days to complete digging the hole.

6. Soil: Soil which comes out during digging the hole can be kept aside for further use if it is of good quality.  If necessary, water the soil so that its quality remains unchanged.

7. Hole Depth: Depth of the hole has to be same as that of trampoline height. As we are using a sunken trampoline and it has to be at ground level, we dig the hole to a depth which equals to trampoline height. It is also advisable to place trampoline 4 inches above the ground level so that it allows air to escape during bouncing. Air vents are used so that limbs don’t get trapped during bouncing.

8. Drainage: The hole which lies underneath the trampoline has to drain well if in case children use a hose on the trampoline or if it rains. The idea of a sunken trampoline is not possible if water gets logged. It may lead to digging an extra trench inside the pit as it creates a soak away at the bottom of the pit.

9. Preventing edge collapse – Maintaining the integrity of walls of the hole is also an essential one. It depends on the soil you have used. The firm soil is ideal for this however if soil is sandy then a support system has to be employed to avoid dangerous consequences.

10. Air movement – As you bounce on the trampoline, air has to flow freely in and out of the hole. A suggestion here is to fix 4 inches flexible pipe at equal intervals around the trampoline rather than leaving a gap around the trampoline. It allows air to escape and enter the trampoline.

11. Create a donut – The versatile idea is to put a donut ring around the edges of the trampoline. It makes it more fun as the children enjoy so much as they can jump from the top on to the trampoline and run down through it quickly. It can be done by making a ring using soil.  You can fill gaps between hole and trampoline using the excavated soil.

Conclusion: Trampoline gives happiness both for children and elders. One can easily end up putting a trampoline on the ground by following these simple steps.

Valentine week is on the door, what’s your plan?

People all over the world celebrate 14th February as the love day. For couples, the day has great significance. Lovers make their plans to delight their partner. They give their best efforts to make their special someone feel extra special. They unturned every rock that comes as a hurdle to surprise their special one. As Valentine Week is around the corner and if you are in a relationship, have you made any plan to surprise your partner? Well, if you haven’t then it’s good to make your plans because this week is vital for every lover. Valentine Week is a week of showering your unconditional love and romance on your partner. Make all the day of Week memorable by delighting your partner with stunning gifts. Valentine holds a heart-melting history which symbolizes that love is eternal. Love is a feeling that nobody can deteriorate. It’s just a single word but holds the deep meaning. If you are in love and want to express your feelings that don’t wait anymore, Valentine week is the best opportunity for you to show your emotions. Uniquely and romantically express your feelings! Make every day of this week a romantic saga.


1. Rose Day: Rose day is the first step towards love. If you are already in a relationship, then you can gift a bouquet of fresh and bright red roses and if you want to propose your crush, then the first thing that you have to gift is a bouquet of yellow roses. Yellow roses are the symbol of a strong bond of friendship between two people. It is also a belief that if she is your best friend, then she can be your best friend too. So, it is the first step towards love.

2. Propose day: So, it’s a day of conveying your message of love, feeling nervous, heart-beatings are fast? Can’t say is because of words? Cool down, Flowers will say it. Order a heart-shaped bouquet of red roses from Winni. A bouquet of red roses epitomizes true love and care. When you gift this bouquet to her, she will automatically understand your feelings.

3. Chocolate day: One of the sweetest day of the week, i.e., chocolate day. Tantalize her taste buds by gifting a box of Ferrero Rocher or a bouquet of chocolates. If she lives far away from you, then send chocolates along with flowers at her doorstep.

4. Teddy day: It’s a day of showcasing innocent love. Gift a teddy bear to show your innocent love towards your sweetheart.  The day recalls all those moments that you have spent with each other if you are already in a relationship. However, if it’s just the beginning of your relationship then this day is perfect to create some special moments.

5. Promise day: Promise day holds a critical significance as it is a day of making commitments. Hold her hand and make a promise of never leaving her in any situation.

6. Hug day: It is a day to show your eternal love with a gentle hug. It is believed that a tight hug from a special one drives our sorrows from our life. A hug is a form of giving love, care and strength. So, just grab her in your arms and tell her you are there with her in every situation.

7. Kiss day: Kiss is considered as the cutest form of love that is exchanged between lovers. On this day, you can also gift valentine cake, flowers, chocolates and teddies to your partner.

Valentine day

This is the most awaited day of the Valentine Week. It’s a day of love celebration. People all over the world celebrate this day with great enthusiasm. They gift greeting cards, flowers, cakes and many other gifts. It is the best day to shower your love on your partner.

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3 Top Rowing Machine Workouts

Rowing is a great exercise to perform if you are looking at losing some fat and also to maintain your fitness. It is a common misconception that rowing works the upper body, but the fact is that it is all about the strength and workout of the legs. The hips and legs play an important part and act as the power sources during a rowing exercise.

Rowing starts with the legs, then the back muscles and core come into play and then comes the work of the arms. It is an excellent exercise for the entire body, and you will see great results in just a short span of time. The rowing machine can be bought, and you can easily keep it at home too if you do not want to take the extra effort of visiting the gym on a regular basis.

Rowing Machine

The cardiovascular conditioning of your body and the muscles is increased when you work out on a rowing machine. It is a great piece of equipment for burning fat of the body and also for overall conditioning. A rowing machine will help you strengthen all the muscles of your body from head to toe and you can get a complete body workout that will leave you feeling super.

You must perform some warming up before you start working out on a rowing machine. Anything like a few sit-ups or push-ups will break a sweat and help you be fit for the rower.

Here are the three best rowing machine workouts for you

Number 1

What you have to do in this workout is to hold the handle and ensure that your wrists are kept straight. Then you extend the arms, and the shoulders should be relaxed. You have to make sure that you do not hunch. Then bend your knees till they come over the toes and come forward with the aid of your hips. This workout is ideal for you if you have less time on your hands. It is high-intensity and will give you great strength in just a mere 20 minutes. You can burn as much as 200-300 calories in a short span of time.

Number 2

In this workout, you have to extend your legs and take a push with your feet and slightly lean the back. Get your elbows to the side till you hands are close to your ribs. The next stroke will start when you bend your knees and slide the seat of your rower ahead. This workout will help you to improve the endurance of your body and also the consistency with which you row. You will do interval rowing in the workout and row for a bit and then rest. You will be able to burn close to 400to 500 calories in this workout.

Number 3

The third exercise that can be performed on a rowing machine is one that is anaerobic. The muscles of your body are exerted enough, and this session will accentuate the endurance and power output of your body.  This happens because all the strength of your legs will be required to perform this workout. You will be on the rower for a whopping 40 minutes but the exercise performed will be extensive, and you will end up burning a whopping 700 calories in one go!

These three are the best workouts that can be performed by a rowing machine, but there are some other exercises also that can be done on a rower and I thought of mentioning them as well for your convenience and also better knowledge. You must try these exercises and alternate them for achieving the best results.

Some other workouts on the rowing machine for you

Start with holding the handle of the rowing machine and then put your arms in front of yourself. Go forward after that and bend your knees till the time they reach over your ankles. Then push your feet and extend your legs and then lean back. After that put your elbows straight and back till your hands are close to the ribs. Then extend your arms and bend your knees so that the seat slides forward. Your arms are extended, and this is when the next stroke starts.
Therefore, as you can very well see, the rowing machine workouts are great for upper body as well as lower body conditioning and give great results in very less time. The key lies in being regular and also performing to the best of your ability. Now you simply have no reason to wait. Go on and get the workout that you wish and tone up your body.