Should I Replace My Carpet?

It is definitely true that buying a carpet for your home means having a new look to your place and spending a big amount to get the excellent deal. But, the significant question arises as to when one should consider replacing the old carpet and go on for buying the new one. The most appropriate answer to this question is that when there are certain signs on the carpets like matting, tears, rips and stains which can’t go even after the repeated procedures. Moreover, when your carpet has given its services for 5 to 15 years, depending upon its quality and the material, then it’s time to replace your carpet.


Should I Replace My Carpet?

In the contemporary era where the modern and classic refurnishing options are available to the users worldwide, the carpets being the one of the most significant aspect of home décor, add to the classic touch of your home. If there is wear and tear of your carpets, then you should consider its replacement. So, let’s take a look at certain aspects of wear and tear of carpets which provide the solution to the question of Should I Replace My Carpet?

  1. Carpet Infested with Smell with Mold and Water

Carpet Infested with Smell with Mold and Water

There may be a case when your carpet is used in the area where it gets flooded with water and gives off the stinky smell of water and get infested with mold. In such case it is predominantly important to remove or replace the carpet and substitute it for a new one for your home. The reason being that once your carpet gets affected by mold, then there is no other option left for cleaning it and using it again and you need to get a new one for your place.

  1. Regular Wear and Tear of Your Carpet

Tear of Your Carpet

When you are using your carpet for a fairly long time, then getting normal wear and tear is quite common. But when you make use of furniture or rearrange the décor of your room just to cover the rips, wear and tear and your kids are no longer ready to sit over it while playing, then it gets time to change your carpet. As there are a variety of carpets available in the market, so some of them get easily damaged like that made of polyester fiber, which usually doesn’t last long and needs to change after the period of 3 years.

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  1. Pesky Stains

Pesky Stains

If your carpet is being used in high traffic area where it is prone to spills and stains, then you need to think about replacing it when, after repeated efforts the stains become strong and it’s fairly impossible to get rid of them. There is the availability of stain and spill proof carpets, but there are also certain carpets like that made of PTT fibers that can’t be treated by using the stain removing agents as the oil and other stains get deeper into the carpet, which can’t be treated easily. In such a case, the only option left is to replace the carpet.

  1. Allergic Elements in the Carpet

Allergic Elements in the Carpet

If your carpet contains allergic elements as it’s quite old and can’t be cleaned properly, then certainly it’s the time to replace it. Once your carpet gets old then it becomes the source of attracting dust, dirt and pollens and if you don’t clean it on regular intervals, then it becomes the breeding ground of bacteria, so it needs to be changed.

  1. Refurnishing Your home

refurnishing Your home

If you are going to refurnish your home with modern artifacts and home décor stuff and still using the old carpet, then it does not go with your décor. In such a case, it becomes imperative to replace the old carpet with the new one as the carpets play a significant role in giving a complete touch to the décor of your place. So, if you are not going to change the old carpet, then your entire refurnishing will not get the required impression. So, whether you are refurnishing your home for yourself or for selling, in both the conditions you need to replace the old carpet.

Hence, the above mentioned points must have thrown appropriate light on the question of Should I Replace My Old Carpet? As the carpets prove to be the integral part of home décor, so you should consider replacing your carpets if they have suffered wear and tear and other prove to be the source of allergy and mold to keep your family safe and healthy.

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