Top Steamers for hardwood floor

Want to know the tricks of cleaning hard floor by steam mops? Just pursue these steps mentioned below for shiny floors that are not only free from dirt but also from allergens and molds.

Many a times, one gets confused between the models of steam mops and get the ones that are not suitable for your floors. There are mops for each type of floors and the ones which are suitable for all are very expensive.

Let me give you a small guide to select the appropriate steam mop for hardwood floors

Steamers for hardwood floor

Steps for cleaning hardwood floors-

  • To steam clean the floors, it’s not very difficult. The foremost step is to protect the floor from any kind of scratch or discoloration.
  • Just remove the dirt from the floor that can scratch it.
  • If planning to use a steam mop with any kind of cleaning solution, make sure that it is a natural pH.
  • Choose the floors that are hardwood sealed. If the floor is having spots that are worn, don’t use the mop on it because moisture can affect the floor.

Some suggested procedure for cleaning-

When the floor is free from dirt and dust, go for these steps for wonderful cleaning.

  • In a steamer, add the solution or hot water if required.
  • Prior to cleaning process, make sure that the filter is clean.
  • Canister should be placed in proper position and let water to be steamed.
  • After releasing the steam, push the cleaner in the forward position.
  • Now pull it in the backward direction permitting the mop pads to clean the dirt away.
  • The cleaner should be moved from one corner to the other corner of the room.
  • Process has to be continued till the cleaning part is completed.

Remember while purchasing the steamer that it has to be recommended for hardwood sealed floor. Some steamers that are capable are listed below-

  1. White wing steamer

White wing steamer

This steamer especially designed for home. Person’s who is suffering from asthma, prone to allergies and is prone to get effected in environmental conditions like fumes and chemicals should go for this type of steamer. It works on the system of dry vapor also it works without any kind of chemicals. It is perfect in killing viruses, molds, mildews and bacteria.

  1. Bissell steam mop deluxe

Bissell steam mop deluxe-

It is very light weighted mop and convenient to use. It has a long power cord that helps in reaching to the entire floor. Its handle is designed as the concept of reducing mopping stress. It comes along with two cleaning pads and with the plastic filter which gives you the hint that now it’s time to change the pad.

  1. Sergeant steam

Sergeant steam-

This steam mop is ideal for hardwood floor cleaning. Its weight is around 15 pounds. The mop only requires tap water to clean the floor. So,we can say that this product is not only time saver but money saver also.

Always choose the right steamer-

Before buying, just test it first, whether it is comfortable for you or not. Hold it in your hands assuming that you are ready for cleaning. If not feeling stressed while holding the steamer, only then go for it. Always select a steamer that is comfortable to hold and push.


Just go through these questions in your mind before shopping for a mop-

Is it made well?

How hard it is to handle after or before filling the water?

Does it come along with the reusable filter?

What views others have about this product? For customer reviews, you can check Amazon reviews.

If cleaning is done on weekly basis then hardwood floor looks better. But yes, for deeper cleaning heavy duty steaming is required once in week for the floors. So enjoy your mopping!

Hope this article was helpful to you in the selection of the right mop for hardwood floors. For any kinds of queries, contact me in the comments section.

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