Valentine week is on the door, what’s your plan?

People all over the world celebrate 14th February as the love day. For couples, the day has great significance. Lovers make their plans to delight their partner. They give their best efforts to make their special someone feel extra special. They unturned every rock that comes as a hurdle to surprise their special one. As Valentine Week is around the corner and if you are in a relationship, have you made any plan to surprise your partner? Well, if you haven’t then it’s good to make your plans because this week is vital for every lover. Valentine Week is a week of showering your unconditional love and romance on your partner. Make all the day of Week memorable by delighting your partner with stunning gifts. Valentine holds a heart-melting history which symbolizes that love is eternal. Love is a feeling that nobody can deteriorate. It’s just a single word but holds the deep meaning. If you are in love and want to express your feelings that don’t wait anymore, Valentine week is the best opportunity for you to show your emotions. Uniquely and romantically express your feelings! Make every day of this week a romantic saga.


1. Rose Day: Rose day is the first step towards love. If you are already in a relationship, then you can gift a bouquet of fresh and bright red roses and if you want to propose your crush, then the first thing that you have to gift is a bouquet of yellow roses. Yellow roses are the symbol of a strong bond of friendship between two people. It is also a belief that if she is your best friend, then she can be your best friend too. So, it is the first step towards love.

2. Propose day: So, it’s a day of conveying your message of love, feeling nervous, heart-beatings are fast? Can’t say is because of words? Cool down, Flowers will say it. Order a heart-shaped bouquet of red roses from Winni. A bouquet of red roses epitomizes true love and care. When you gift this bouquet to her, she will automatically understand your feelings.

3. Chocolate day: One of the sweetest day of the week, i.e., chocolate day. Tantalize her taste buds by gifting a box of Ferrero Rocher or a bouquet of chocolates. If she lives far away from you, then send chocolates along with flowers at her doorstep.

4. Teddy day: It’s a day of showcasing innocent love. Gift a teddy bear to show your innocent love towards your sweetheart.  The day recalls all those moments that you have spent with each other if you are already in a relationship. However, if it’s just the beginning of your relationship then this day is perfect to create some special moments.

5. Promise day: Promise day holds a critical significance as it is a day of making commitments. Hold her hand and make a promise of never leaving her in any situation.

6. Hug day: It is a day to show your eternal love with a gentle hug. It is believed that a tight hug from a special one drives our sorrows from our life. A hug is a form of giving love, care and strength. So, just grab her in your arms and tell her you are there with her in every situation.

7. Kiss day: Kiss is considered as the cutest form of love that is exchanged between lovers. On this day, you can also gift valentine cake, flowers, chocolates and teddies to your partner.

Valentine day

This is the most awaited day of the Valentine Week. It’s a day of love celebration. People all over the world celebrate this day with great enthusiasm. They gift greeting cards, flowers, cakes and many other gifts. It is the best day to shower your love on your partner.

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